Drama Green

  • Apply Year-Round for Better Soil and Plants
  • Probiotic and Antibiotic for Soil and Water
  • Year-Round Use on Compost Piles for Faster Breakdown
  • Reduces Odors in Compost Piles
  • Cut Flowers Last Longer with No Odor in Water
  • Keep Christmas Trees Alive Longer and Less Needle Loss
  • Growing Seasonal Bulbs for Faster and Better Results
  • Add to All Seasonal Arrangements to Keep Fresher Longer
  • Great for House Plants Year Round
  • Use in Green Houses and For Hydroponic Growing
  • Use to For Faster Seed Sprouting


Drama Green needs be applied year-round to your soil and plants for optimum results. Since it is a soil activator the active microbes continue to improve the soil by keeping the Ph at a more basic level and removes the salt build-up from pesticides and fertilizers. Most soils are acidic, especially in areas with pine and cedar trees. Our products create earthworms, looser soil and have a bacillus that is a “probiotic” for the soil. Begin the application in the fall by either spraying it or watering it in to the soil. Continue to use as directed which will insure better plants, gardens, and house plants year-round. After applying the Drama Green regularly, the root systems of your plants are stronger which makes the plants more freeze and drought tolerant. With every application, you are building healthy non-toxic soil and reducing salt-build up. Our directions recommend applying every 2 to 4 weeks and when possible year-round especially in greenhouses and for indoor plants. Before the first freeze apply the product to all trees and plants. Many times, the plant may look like they will not come back in spring if they have been left out in the elements. We have had great success with plants coming back in the spring even larger and stronger.


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