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George AltgeltThe man behind it all

George Altgelt is Founder and President of Geo Growers, LLC, a landscape supply company which started in February 1995. Geo Growers quickly became known for its high-performance quality soil blends that are science based. The company he founded has become the go-to source and knowledge base for ecologically based landscape, garden and food production systems. George has presented the latest research on the role of trace minerals within living systems and biologically based agriculture.

George was born in Hallettsville, Texas, within a farming and ranch environment where his roots were firmly established in agriculture. He attended the premiere college preparatory school, Schreiner Institute, in Kerrville, Texas. He went on to attend college at the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied cellular and molecular biology. He became a business entrepreneur and consultant in soil fertility services.

In the past George was a frequent guest on KLRU’s “Central Texas Gardner” hosted by Tom Spencer. Currently he enjoys being a guest host on “It’s About Your Health” for Logos Radio Network’s weekly show. Occasionally he is a guest on Patrick Timpone’s “One Radio Network.” He is a featured keynote speaker in the annual Awesmic City Expo at Palmer Events Center. He appeared on the Channel Austin TV Series “A TIME TO LEARN” which was a children’s introduction to the importance of soil. Among the most prestigious speaking engagements was at the Thompson Conference Center facility for U.T. Alumni lecture series. The talk was titled, “Molecular Realities of Biological Systems.” In addition, George has editorials in certain local newspapers and magazine columns.

Other engagements include Home Owner’s Associations, Landscape Councils, Organic Gardening groups, Zilker Park Botanical groups and many others.

George Altgelt






Great Service

Our business is reflected in the selection of every product we sell and all the information we freely give.

Proper Provisions

Our goal is to provide you with seeds, plants, soil, proper fertilizers, non-toxic insect control, and most importantly, information.

Well Being

We believe in supporting health and well-being for everyone. This includes the non-toxic approach to landscaping and gardening with special emphasis on water conservation.

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We select only weed free ingredients and enliven them with fully composted dairy cow manure. The soils are fully mineralized with Texas pink granite rock powders and Fredericksburg gypsum.

To make sure that our soils are balanced, we have them analyzed regularly at Texas Plant and Soil Lab, the premier soil testing lab in Texas. Of the many factors that make a soil the best, the least talked about is loft or fluffiness. Fresh air and water get into soil because of its loft. We never mix shredded wood or pine bark mulch into our blends because they can cause massive  shrinkage, destroying loft and leaving your soil compacted. These materials belong on the top of your soil where they can keep it cool and moist.

Our custom soil blends remain fertile and retain their loft year after year. They both drain well and have outstanding water holding capacity. You will be pleased and delighted with our soil and soil fertility products. Their performance is unmatched, and their quality is unmistakable. Use our soil just once, and you’ll see why 98 percent of customers keep coming back. Like the old adage says… Spend a dollar on the dirt and a penny on the plant! Locally owned and operated since 1995.

Your next soil project is important to us and we’ve been helping people in Texas with their gardens, landscaping projects, and almost any other kind of project involving dirt you can think of for over 23 years now. You can trust our experience and expertise for all of your soil and soil amendment needs. Help keep Austin organic and natural.