Be A Butterfly Hero

Be a Butterfly Hero!

Pollinators, including the Monarch butterfly, are responsible for much of the food we eat. In recent years, butterflies have been losing their habitat to agricultural practices, development, and cropland conversion. But we can help!

Join Botanical Interests, our seed packet supplier, in supporting the National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to be a Butterfly Hero. Send a picture of yourself making the butterfly sign in sign language to, and you’ll receive a Butterfly Garden Starter kit, including a Botanical Interests seed packet, while supplies last. The kit inspires engagement with nature and encourages participants to send follow up photos through Facebook and Twitter of kids and families, butterflies, and other animals observed in nature. unnamed

As home gardeners, we can replenish the butterfly habitat by sowing butterfly-friendly varieties in our home, school, and community gardens. Pledge to be a Butterfly Hero on  then visit Geo Growers to  purchase a butterfly friendly variety that we offer from Botanical Interests!




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