Thunderhead Potting Soil: Its Alive!!


It’s Alive !!!!!!

Thunderhead Soil is rich in soil microorganisms. During mixing, the soil is deliberately inoculated with these microorganisms.

These soil creatures are responsible for decomposing cellulose into sugars and soiltransporting minerals and raw materials into the root systems of plants.  They feed themselves with the sugars they make and transport nutrients to the plants with the humic acid they secrete.  Because there is a wide range of microorganism inoculated into Thunderhead Soil, it is protected from disease producing microbes.


Microbes that cause root rot and others that cause stem rot cannot gain a foothold in this soil.  A mechanism known as microbial competition keeps such microbes out.  In other words, there is no vacancy in the habitat complex. The available niches in the soil structure have all been filled by a harmoniously integrated community of microorganisms.

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