Thunderhead Potting Soil: The Nutrients




Thunderhead Potting Soil is manufactured and sold by Geo Growers. Thunderhead  Soil is the product of over twenty years of soil making.  It is, of course, all organic. You will find that this soil —
* Strengthens your plants’ immune systems,
* Prevents the onset of diseases that enter your plants through the soil,
*Frees you from the chore of fertilizing,
* Minimizes need for repotting,
* Facilitates seeds starting,
* Is perfect for container gardening.


Nutrients in Thunderhead Soilimages (1)
The nitrogen comes from bat guano, a rich but slow-release form of nitrogen that has the full spectrum of trace minerals for sustaining healthy plant life.

The phosphorus comes from rock phosphate. A small portion of it is water soluble, but much of it is  in a slow-release form which must be acted  upon by micro-organisms and timageshe humic acid they secrete. This form of phosphorus not only stays in the soil a long time, but it also has a large array of trace minerals for sustaining life.



The potassium comes from  granite sand.   Granite sand provides a long lived source of potassium as well as trace minerals.

The slow release nature of these nutrients enables Thunderhead Soil to be reused indefinitely.


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