Oak Wilt Prevention

What is Oak Wilt?

Oak Wilt is a fungus Ceratocystis Fafacearum, that infects the vascular system of all species of Oak Trees, especially Live Oaks, or properly known as Quercus Fuciformus.  The infection is lethal if left unchecked. It is much easier to take steps to prevent the infection than to try and save the tree after diagnosis.

Visible symptoms of Lie Oak Wilt:


  • Reddish brown discoloration of central leaf veins (veinal necrosis)
  • Die off of major limbs on the tree
  • Rapid defoliation
  • Marginal scorch
  • TIp burn

For mor information:

How serious is Oak Wilt?oak_wilt2

Oak Wilt is very serious. It is spreading in Central Texas at an accelerating rate. More information can be found at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service web site:


Is there something one can do to prevent Oak Wilt from developing?

Full Throttle Thunder is a granular treatment that may help prevent the infection of Oak Wilt.  Thunderhead Soil Inc., specifically designed this treatment tIMG_2844o restore the mineral balance as well as enhance the immune system within the plant tissues of Oak trees and all plants.

How does Full Throttle Thunder Work?

Thunderhead’s Full Throttle Thunder supplies trace minerals that are missing from most fertilizer formulations.  Th nutrients in Full Throttle Thunder are supplied to the root system with a unique humic acid delivery system.

Humic acid and humates are often in short supply in soil systems. The humate molecular structures allow for mineral accumulation and distribution.  This facilitates uptake of nutrients by the roots of all plants.  Humates and humic acid help foster robust microbial populations.  Microbial populations are individuals and groups of microscopic life forms that live in the soil and have a symbiotic or interactive relationship with the roots of plants.

These living microbes are referred to as soil biota and are parts of the soil food web.  They aid the transport of water, minerals, and complex molecules into the roots of the host plants they serve.

Austin area testing of this product began in 2002.  The use an study of this treatment is ongoing.  This product may also help reverse the symptoms of Oak Wilt. Positive response from Full Throttle Thunder users continues t accumulate.

Can Full Throttle Thunder Be used on the lawn?

Yes,  Full Throttle Thunder benefits your lawns, shrubs, flowerbeds, and plants for the same reason it benefits the Oaks.  It restores trace mineral balance and rebuilds the soil food web. It enhances the natural soil biota with humic and fulvic acids.  These groups of microbes must be diverse and distributed throughout the soil system to best serve the plant environment.  Full Throttle Thunder replenishes these microbial populations.

Where can I find Full Throttle Thunder?

Retailers of  Full Throttle Thunder are located in the Central Texas region and wherever our brochures are on display or at

Geo Growers, LLC
12002 Hwy 290 West
Austin, Texas 78737
(512) 892-2722

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