This customer’s lawn was rejuvenated  using Geo Growers’ Turf Topper soil blend ancustomerpic1-186x250d molasses.






“This is without water for 2 weeks tomorrow.” These pictures were received on June 13, 2012



Dear Geogrowers,

We just wanted to thank you for your advice and patience as we put in our gardens this year. In one of them, we used Thunder Garden Soil from GeoGrowers. In the other, we opted for a (slightly less expensive) competitor. But there is no comparison. The bed planted with your soil is growing like gangbusters, whereas the other remains a barren, cracked, clay-filled testament to the folly of trying so skimp on the quality of soil. When we brought our problem to you, George was very gracious and helpful in offering creative suggestions to fix our sick bed. We’ve learned our lesson the hard way; here’s hoping others will not make the same mistake. GeoGrowers is really the best place to find nutritious soil. If you care about your vegetables, don’t bother looking elsewhere.



Chris and Amanda Bybee

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