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Geo Growers’ Plant Survey for Fall 2017

Here is a Chance for our Loyal Customers to provide some feedback to us. With the Fall Gardening Season coming up, Geo Growers wants to better address your gardening needs. If you would fill in the survey below with the names and types (ex: Yellow Pear Tomato) of the vegetables that you would like to see in our Shade House in the coming weeks, Geo Growers can attempt to supply the plants that you need.

We are limited to what our suppliers have on stock, but if we can take your feedback and use it to inform the growers of what is in demand it will help everyone be much happier with their fall gardening season.

Rainy Days Can Be Plant Days Too

It is a bit cloudy and a bit wet from the rain, but that just means that it is a perfect day to stop by Geo Growers Shade house and get some new plants to put in your garden.

shadehouseThese are all new to the Shade House and are ready to be planted.  The Following are all organic, come in 4 inch pots, and want to go home with you TODAY!!!!!

Organic Herbs:_6757842
Grosfucthtiger Fennel
Mexican Marigold Mint

Organic Melons:
Charentais Melon
Hale’s Best Melon
Rocky Ford Melon

Organic Watermelons:Desktop1
Crimson Sweet
Sugar Baby

Organic Vegetables:
Habanero Pepper
Poblano (Ancho) Pepper
Straight Neck Squash
Patio Tomato
San Marzano Tomato

Assorted goodies:stachys_lanata-lambs_ear
4 inch Lambs Ear (stachys byzantina)
4 inch Pony’s Foot (Silver Falls Dichondra)
10 inch Organic Deco Pots of Mixed Herbs for Mother’s Day.


Plus lots of other exciting plants!!!!

Sunny and Full Of Plants!!!

shadehouseThe shadehouse here at Geo Growers is a happy place. The new plants have arrived and are basking in the great weather. All they need are new homes where they can be loved and appreciated.

They are ALL ORGANIC. They ALL come in 4 inch pots. They ALL want to go to your garden!!!Desktop

Straight 8 Cucumbers
Sun Gold Tomato
Burgundy Okra
Clemson Spineless Okra
Hales’s Best Melon
Curly Parsley
Italian Parsley
Red Baron Bell Pepper

Also in stock right now are is 1 gallon Organic Lemon Grass!!!!!