Sand, Gravel, & Foundation Materials

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Sand, Gravel, & Foundation Materials

Add mass, a wide array of trace minerals, and iron. Granite sand, decomposed granite, and basalt are paramagnetic substances that have the ability to transmit and receive an extremely low resonant radio frequency that supports plant sap circulation.

2018 Summer Price List 



Concrete Sand:                         Masonry Sand:


Granite Sand:


Decomposed Granite:

1/4″ Minus:                                   1″ Minus:


Fairland Pink Gravel:


    Available in 2 sizes 1/4″x 1/2″ & 1/2″x 1″


Pea Gravel & River Rock:

3/8″ Pea Gravel:               French Drain Gravel (2″ River Rock):



Foundation Materials:



First Fill:                                 Chocolate Loam:



Road Base:


Agricultural Amendments:

Gypsum:                                 Basalt:





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