Garden of Eden

  • High-performance, micro-brewed bloom fertilizer for indoor hydroponics. 3.6-6.0-3.8 NPK.
  • Super-concentrated: 256:1 @ 2.4 ms/cm EC, or 1200ppm
  • 100% complete, 100% water soluble, precision formulated and blended.
  • Made from organic components, mycorrhizae, humic acid, kelp, enzymes, and minerals.
  • Calcium rich: proprietary blending technology allows up to 4%.


1-Part super concentrated micro-brewed fertilizer for drip irrigation, foliar spray and hydroponics gardening.  This 3.6-6.0-3.8 fertilizer is rich in calcium and made with bat guano, humic acid, worm castings and mycorrhizae.


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