Compost & Mulches

Compost & Mulches

We offer a wide selection of compost and mulches.  All of our compost are weed-free and pathogen-free. Compost is a great addition to your garden or flower beds if you want to enhance the quality of the soil.  Add the compost to the surface of your planting area and then slowly work it into the soil.  Use mulch in your garden space when you want to retain moisture in your soil.  Our mulches are made from ground up wood products, other companies use other materials.  Remember that mulch is designed to sit on top of the soil to help retain the moisture that is needed for plants to grow.


Dairy Cow Compost

Will not burn plants!  Made from lactating cow manure, this compost is weed-free, pathogen-free and wonderfully shrink resistant.  Can be used as a fertilizer, soil amendment or lawn dressing.  This product of fully composted and screened to insure nutrient value and safe use.


Poultry Compost

Extremely high fertility and NPK.  Excellent as a soil amendment and for periodic
enrichment of existing beds and gardens.


Mushroom Compost

Made from spent mushroom substrate, and mixed with cottonseed meal, cottonseed burrs, poultry litter, grains and gypsum.


Composted Rice Hulls

Composted rice hulls add acidity and improves tilth.  A wonderful soil amendment!


Shredded Hardwood

Excellent oil-free fibrous mulch.  Will not float away!


Shredded Cedar

Makes a great mulch and is also a natural insect repellent!


Magic Mulch

Compost and Mulch Blend. Perfect for trees, shrubs, and gardens. Adds fertility wherever mulch is used!

We now carry three different types of 2 cu.ft. bagged Mulch.

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