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Custom Soil Blends

Our blends are formulated to provide:

  • Highest fertility
  • Negligible shrinkage
  • Abundant micro nutrients
  • Years of tilth, friability, and loft

To make sure that our soils are balanced, we have them analyzed regularly at Texas Plant and Soil Lab, the premier soil testing lab in Texas. Of the many factors that make a soil the best, the least talked about is loft or fluffiness. Fresh air and water get into soil because of its loft. We never mix shredded wood or pine bark mulch into our blends because they can cause massive shrinkage, destroying loft and leaving your soil compacted. These materials belong on the top of your soil where they can keep it cool and moist.

Our custom soil blends remain fertile and retain their loft year after year. They both drain well and have outstanding water holding capacity. You will be pleased and delighted with our soil and soil fertility products. Their performance is unmatched, and their quality is unmistakable.

Use our soil just once, and you'll see why 98 percent of customers keep coming back. Like the old adage says... Spend a dollar on the dirt and a penny on the plant!

Locally owned and operated since 1995.

6 gallon
self serve

1 cubic yard

Thunder Garden


Very fertile; our highest nutrient profile. Made from non-shrinking compost, composted rice hulls, granite sand and gypsum. Holds moisture, yet drains well. Will increase fertility and improve drainage of lawn when mixed with existing soils. RECOMMENDATION: Flower and vegetable gardens; raised beds; installation and top dressing of sod turf and grass.

Thunder Dirt


Formulated for native plants. Made from non-shrinking compost and decomposed granite. When added to native soils, improves nutrient profile, adds drainage, and breaks up compacted soils. Unmatched versatility for turf grass subsoil. Excellent for seeding, native grasses and wildflowers. RECOMMENDATION: Xeriscaping and native plant landscaping, underlayment for all sod.

Geo Tree Mix


Low carbon, high density. Made from non-shrinking compost and decomposed granite. Low carbon virtually prevents anaerobic microbial fermentation. Eliminates the need to stake and wire trees after planting. RECOMMENDATION: Tree planting and installations that exceed one foot in depth.

Ranch Rose


Formulated for maximum loft, even at the bottom of the pot! Made from dairy manure compost, composted rice hulls, decomposed granite, and gypsum. RECOMMENDATION: Roses, azaleas, container-grown nursery stock, and planter boxes.

Double Thunder


The original Thunder Garden soil combined with extra compost. Ultra-rich! RECOMMENDATION: Fertility enhancement of existing soils.

Turf Topper


Excellent for lawns. Carefully selected fine particle materials incorporate well into turf grasses such as zoysia, Bermuda, and St. Augustine. Very fertile, and will not burn.

Berm Builder Septic Blend


Replaces sandy loam as a septic-field fill. Used and approved in Travis County. Very stable when wet. Formulated for lasting fertility for trees, woody shrubs, wildflowers, and turf grass.

Sunny Field Formula


Formulated for midrange fertility in a weed-free soil. Composted cow manure and potassium feldspar clay provide richness and water-holding capacity. Does not contain "flash carbon" from ground wood or cellulose material, which have enormous shrinkage and leave soil compacted. Used and approved as a septic-field blend in Travis County.

Our products are available in bulk, bag your own or by scheduling a soil delivery!