Raised Bed Gardens

We are excited to assist you in creating your raised bed garden using Geo Growers GeoGrowersLogo1soil and products.  Hopefully this guide will answer some of your questions about what soils and amendments are best for you.

How much soil do I need?
There is, of course, great variability here. It depends on the depth of your garden, and the size of your garden. In general, you will require 1 cubic yard for a 4 foot x 8 foot x 10 inch garden.

You can use our soil calculator to get a more accurate estimate of your soil needs.

Vegetable Gardens (Green, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, etc)
Soil: Thunder Garden
Amendments:  Compost Tea for all transplants, 1/4 cup rock phosphate for each tomato plant, ECO-Vie, Azomite

Root Vegetables (Carrots, Parsnips, Onions, Garlic, etc)
Soil: Thunder Garden
Amendments: Compost tea, Azomite, Archaea

Herb Gardens (Basil, Mint and other heavy feeders)
Soil: Thunder Garden
Amendments: Compost Tea, ECO-Vie

Herb Gardens (Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Sage)
Soil: Thunder Dirt
Amendments: Compost Tea, ECO-Vie

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