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Geo Growers Is Now Open!

Our facility is still undergoing massive reconstruction, however drive up soil sales are now available.  We are working as hard as possible to make the amendments and supplies available, but there is much to be done before that can happen. For the safety of our customers and staff we have closed the bag it yourself area and we are working to create a safe space for that to occur.  We ask for your understanding and patience while we complete this transition.


When you reopen what will be different?

We will no longer be occupying the frontage at 290 and our soil yard be be reduced to a small section in the back of the original yard. This means that you will have to enter our property from the dirt road in between Vivero Growers and the Cedar Valley Liquor.  There will be absolutely no access from the original entrance.

Will you still have all the same products as before?

We will have all of our custom soil blends just like before, however some of the aggregates and foundations materials will likely not fit  in the space we have available.  Additionally, until we complete the reconstruction of our store, most of the organic amendments and products will not be available. What we have in inventory now will likely be all we can offer till such time as the store is ready for business.

When I call, why is there no answer?

All of our staff is involved in the moving process.  We are checking the voicemail regularly and our staff is returning calls as quickly as possible. We have occupied this space for 20 years and there is much to be done to clear out and reorganize. Your understanding and patience is most appreciated.  Please understand that we would rather be talking gardens, discussing your projects and providing the valuable information you have come to rely on, much more than hauling brush, moving buildings and tearing apart the entire property. However, the end result will be a transformation that will benefit the entire gardening community.

We know there are many more questions to answer, but the same person writing this Q&A is also the same person taking dispatch orders, organizing work parties, taking down building and so much more. We cannot wait to welcome you all back to a new and improved Geo Growers experience. It will take time and we expect it will be spring of 2021 until all the kinks are worked out.

Thank you for being the best part of Geo Growers!


COVID – 19 Message:

We are committed to providing soil for Central Texas and we want you to know that we are doing everything with in our abilities to continue creating the soil blends that you have come to rely on.  Our top priority is the safety of our staff and customers. Please observe social distancing guidelines while visiting our location and please come prepared with a facial covering for use inside our store.
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